Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Day 30

Today feels like a milestone in the project. I'm thirty days in, or one twelfth of the way through. I'm delighted that the blog's had over 600 page views in the first month. (And before you ask, I've set it to ignore my own page views, so that's not just me viewing it 20 times a day!)

I'd like to say a big 'thank you' to those of you who have visited the blog. I do have one teeny-weeny request, though: make more comments! I've made it as easy as possible to post a comment -- you can post anonymously without having to sign into anything. To keep the blog free of spam, I've got a captcha installed, and I moderate all comments. So if you've visited a few times and stayed shtumm (spelling?!) so far, why not post a comment next time? I'll appreciate pretty much anything you've got to say, including bad jokes and constructive criticism, so get typing!

Today's shot is another black and white image, and I was going to get into a discussion about the reasons why you might choose to change a colour image to monochrome, but I've waffled on long enough today, so I'll leave that until another time.


  1. Helen - I think I tried to post once before and couldn't find out how without having to "sign in" (what a numpty!!) but I'll try again.

    As usual, I am drawn in to this image - it has a feel of the "ecriture feminine" about it, with the central message surrounded by words like "ache", "sea", "essential" and "sing". Love it! (And incidentally, how could this one be anything other than monochrome? LOL)

    Also, what is the word just slipping out of the frame, to the left of "less"? Please tell me it's not "nom" ... that "word" makes me cringe! The expression is "yum", not "nom"!!! ;-)

    Val x

  2. Thanks for your comment, Val. Interestingly, only the central phrase is deliberate; the surrounding words were all placed blind, so any hidden 'meaning' is entirely coincidental. I wrote this message on the fridge when I first got the fridge magnet poetry set, about 2 years ago. It was only today, while I was looking around for subjects for today's image, that I noticed again what it said, and it struck me how apt it was for this project.

    And I'm happy to be able to put your mind at rest -- the partially obscured word is 'from'.

  3. I'm so glad! ... forgive me, I'm getting a bit paranoid because that wretched expression is turning up everywhere!! Naturally, it wouldn't be included in a fridge magnet poetry set (I used to have one myself, for goodness' sake - I should know!).

    *shuffles off, twitching and mumbling incoherently*