Friday, 1 July 2011

Day 205

Blogger was down yesterday, so I'll be making two posts today. Here's yesterday's.

I've been so excited about having an iPhone at last (the one I used to use was Iain's and so I only got to use it occasionally) that I almost forgot about my other new toy - my 50 mm lens. 

I've only ever used a zoom lens on the Canon before, so using a prime is taking a bit of getting used to. I keep going to twiddle the lens when what I really need to do is step forwards or backwards. 

I went for the f/1.8 50 mm because it was recommended by a couple of photographers on TWIT TV as being a really good quality lens for the money (around $200 NZ). 

I thought I'd put my new lens to the test in low light conditions (indoors, daylight, handheld). With the lens open wide I was getting crisp handheld shots at ISO 200, whereas before I couldn't do handheld indoors at all, even when I cranked the ISO up to 1600. I'm really glad I bought it!


  1. @ Jim: Is that whoah as in pretty kitty or whoah as in scary kitty? ;-)

  2. Whaoah great depth of field on FUZZY pretty kitty.

  3. Seems to me Blogger's down more often than not recently. A couple of times I've tried to post something during the week and haven't been able to upload my photos. Cat's looking typically laid back about things though :-) I don't use my 50mm as much as I should - looking at this photo makes me think I should persevere with it.

  4. I guarantee you will love this lens Helen. I have the Nikon equivalent. It does take some getting used to after using a zoom, but you know, it also forces you to move in closer sometimes, and for me that was great!

    This is a wonderful photograph!