Sunday, 6 February 2011

Day 62

This photo, which I took with the Canon, is of the cellophane on one of our new kitchen cabinets.

This one is an iPhone/Hipstamatic shot of a lampshade.


  1. How interesting - I love the abstract look, gorgeous!

  2. These are great shots Helen. And black & white - my passion! As a non-iPhone owner can you tell me what Hipstamatic is?

  3. Angie, Hipstamatic is an app (in other words a computer program) that runs on tne iPhone. It processes shots taken with the iPhone's built-in camera to make them look like they were taken on an old Hipstamatic camera (which was a real point and shoot camera that was around in the sixties and seventies). You can download different 'lenses', 'films' and 'flashes' for the app, and these give a variety of different lens, film, border and colour effects which you can mix and match.

  4. Now I know why you are such a good writer, Helen ... it's the way you "see" things. You have an artist's eye and know exactly how to convey what you see to others.