Friday, 30 September 2011

Day 260

I've put my life on hold for too long. I reckon it's time to kick myself up the backside and restart this 365 thing properly. I can't promise great images, but I can promise that I'll do my very, very best to post a photo every day.

Here's today's effort, a Hipstamatic shot of some grass flowers down on the bottom paddock. Spring's well and truly springing here, which is lifting my spirits no end!


  1. Hooray for spring!!! Just what you need.

    The leaves are starting to turn here and the gray skies are coming.

  2. Thanks for dropping by, Jim! You know, even after six and half years here I can't get used to the seasons being 'the wrong way round'!

  3. But this IS a great image Helen!
    A really great image.
    What beautiful color and simplicity!

  4. Glad to hear 365 is "game on." What I find most enjoyable about 365s is you get to experience the area other people live. I've loved your country pictures and I'm also fascinated with the UK. I hope that on day 366 you'll keep posting for all of us to enjoy.

    Joe from Santa Clarita, CA