Sunday, 19 June 2011

Day 194

By the time I was ready to take a photo break today, the clouds had rolled in, and the rain was lashing down. With only a couple of hours to go until sunset, I knew that even though lighting conditions were far from ideal, they weren't going to get any better, so I may as well take some photos anyway, and try to capture the mood of the weather.

I don't use the split tone presets in Lightroom very often, but they worked quite well with this shot. I chose one of the presets and then played around with exposure and curves, until I got the contrast I wanted between the various parts of the image. On most photos I find cranking up the clarity slider improves the final result, but with this one I found it looked best when I dialled down the clarity to a negative value.


  1. how beautiful! i love playing around with lightroom it's such fun. I really like the tones in this shot, gives it a sort of ethereal look.

  2. It's beautiful,reminds me of Brigadoon!

  3. I think it worked beautifully!
    I love this.