Saturday, 18 June 2011

Days 191 to 193

Great news -- the satellite installer had a cancellation, so we're now back online, much earlier than expected!  I'm really chuffed. You don't realise how much you've come to rely on the Internet until you have to do without it for a week.

Iain has come up with an interesting theory about why our 3G connection stopped working. He reckons it's the fault of the ash cloud from the volcano in Chile, which has grounded the majority of New Zealand flights for the past week. Whatever the reason, I'm glad the outage happened, because it's forced us to get satellite, and although it's more expensive, it's also faster and we have way more bandwidth -- 50 GB per month instead of 8 GB. Knowing us, I'm sure we'll use it all! ;-)

Day 191

I never tire of the view from our veranda. If I took a photo of it every day, I'm sure I'd get a different result every time. On this shot I tried out a trick for dramatic skies that I learned from Photoshop User TV -- a simple technique using the high pass filter in Photoshop.

Day 192

I always take the camera with me when I take my daily walk to the mailbox. These ladybirds were going for a hike around the gate post.

Day 193

I keep buying flowers. It's very decadent, I know. But I do enjoy shooting them.


  1. So glad your internet is back Helen!
    Isn't it amazing how much we've come to depend on it??
    These photographs are wonderful.
    The Gerbera Daisy is truly perfection.
    Have a beautiful weekend my friend.

  2. your pictures are gorgeous, I loooove them!!!

  3. Beautiful. Glad to see you back online. I can see why you never tire of that view.

  4. Fabulous photos Helen. So glad you're back online earlier than expected.