Monday, 27 June 2011

Days 199 to 202

We had a lovely relaxing weekend away, and even though it was Iain's birthday I was the one who came back with goodies: a collapsible diffuser/reflector, a 50 mm f/1.8 lens, and an iPhone 4!

Day 199

I baked a cake for Iain's birthday. I'm far too cack-handed to decorate a cake, so it looks a bit of a mess, but by golly it tastes good! :-)

Day 200

Two photos showing the dawn view from our hotel room in Wellington.

Day 201

We visited a wildlife sanctuary only ten minutes' drive from the centre of the city.

A kereru (New Zealand wood pigeon)

The Karori gold mine, which is located inside the wildlife sanctuary. Taken with my lovely new lens. I think the blurred figure is the ghost of a miner. ;-)

Another native bird, a takahe. In size they're midway between a chicken and a turkey.

Day 202

Trying out the forward facing camera on my new iPhone...

Self portrait

Opening the mailbox


  1. OH what lovely things you came back with. Cake looks yummy. Beautiful photos.

  2. Brilliant photos all. But I have to say my favourite is... THE CHOCOLATE CAKE!

  3. Oh my goodness, now that's a lot of really good goodies!!! I think you will love the 50mm lens, and of course, the iPhone goes without saying! Love my iPhone!

    Your photographs are wonderful. I especially love the last one. Great capture!!

    Happy Birthday Iain!!!