Saturday, 11 June 2011

Days 183-186

Our internet connection has been down for the past 72 hours, but it's just come back up, so I'm rushing to put this post together as quickly as I can, in case the connection goes down again!

Here are my 365 photos from the last few days:

Day 183

The official halfway point of the project. I came up with an idea of half a clock, to mark 'half time'.

Day 184

How to shoot cows who aren't used to you and run off when you approach: lie down in the grass and wait for them to come to investigate you!

Day 185

Clover in the wind

The Scream (of frustration at being without the internet)

Day 186

Some colour to brighten up a wet, grey day

And here are a couple of experiments I did with the 100 Cameras in 1 app on the iPad. I put them up on Flickr a few days ago, and was thrilled when the creator of the app, Trey Ratcliff, commented on the second image.



    I love the cows.

  2. Love the clock and cows shots AND the last two are awesome works.

  3. Internet isn't much better down here in Kent. Scream pic is my fave :D