Sunday, 7 August 2011

Days 242 and 243

I was so busy yesterday I didn't get time to make a post - that doesn't happen very often!

The calves are doing well, and developing distinct personalities. I've unofficially named them Fred and Ginger (yes, I know Fred's a female, but the name just seemed to fit, especially given the fact that she's dressed all in black!) Ginger is the more timid of the two, and usually runs to hide behind her mum whenever I get close.

Today has been wet and grey, so I had to shoot indoors. Inspired by one of my contacts on Flickr, I had a go at some smoke shots (with my 50mm lens of course!) The only things I had to make smoke with were some matches, and they don't make much smoke, so I'm going to buy some incense sticks next time I'm in town and have another go. I'd also like to try some more dramatic lighting next time. I took today's shots in natural light near a window, but with it being such a dull day, the effect was too wishy-washy.

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness, mom and baby could not be more precious!
    Love your smoke shot. Wonderful tones in it.