Sunday, 2 October 2011

Day 262

After yesterday's beautiful flowers, all I've got to offer today is weeds!

I spotted a dandelion flower and a dandelion seed head next to each other while I was hanging out the washing, but foolishly I waited a while before going out to photograph them. When I finally went out with my camera, most of the dandelion seeds had been blown away by the wind, and what was left of the seed head was bent and drooping. Even though the image wasn't as I'd originally envisioned it, I took some shots anyway, and I'm coming to think that maybe the photo's better like this. The seed head wouldn't have represented death and decay so effectively if it had been perfect and whole.

There's no 'hidden meaning' in this image of a buttercup; I just like the contrasting colours!

Having made the decision to move back to the UK, I'm impatient to be off. However, I can't go anywhere until the house sells. I've done everything in my power to help the sale along. I've offered the estate agent a bonus if it sells within the next fortnight, I've paid for extra advertising, I've set the asking price $30k below the estate agent's recommendation, and I've insisted on plenty of open home events. Now all I have to learn to do is accept that the results of my efforts are out of my control. It's easy to understand that in theory, but oh so difficult to put into practice. One of the many tricky balancing acts in life is the balance between effort and surrender. Like most people, I find effort easy, but fall short in my ability to surrender. The situation with the house will give me the opportunity to actively practise surrender. I'll let you know how I get on! :-)


  1. And that's the essence of the Serenity Prayer -- from whence comes Serenity ...

  2. You're so right, Dori!