Monday, 24 October 2011

Day 284

One of my dreams is to go on a photo safari in Africa. If I squint when I look at this photo, I can almost imagine Pookie is a lioness on the Serengeti plain.

I read in one of my self-help books that when you lose your life partner, it takes 1 year to recover for every 5 years of the relationship. Iain and I were together for twenty-five years, so, realistically, it's probably going to take me about five years to heal fully. That was a rather depressing realisation. I know that the road to emotional recovery is a long one, but I'm convinced that I can make it, that I've already lived through the worst of it, and that I'll be stronger and happier than ever by the time I've got through it.

One positive side-effect of experiencing a major loss in your life is that you stop playing it safe; you become more willing to take risks, and more determined than ever to move resolutely in the direction of your dreams. I don't know when and I don't know how, but photo safari, here I come! ;-)


  1. this is such a great shot and you should frame it to remind you what you want to do in the future. You sound like you are so together in everything that you are doing, I am so impressed. Have you made any more plans for moving back to the uk? don't worry, the right buyer will come along.

  2. Thanks for your support, Justine. I've written a step-by-step 'action plan' for moving back to the UK, and I've done everything on it that I *can* do before the house is sold. I've sold all the stuff I don't want, made an inventory of the things I want to take back with me, and got quotes from removals companies for sending it back to the UK (it's going to cost A LOT!). Until I know when I'm going to be going back, I can't start looking for a job or a place to live. Luckily, I've now got enough writing work to last me for the next three or four months, and my sister has kindly offered to put me up for a few weeks when I first get back, so I should be fine. :-)

  3. You are well on your way in all respects Helen, and I am so happy for that.
    I LOVE Pookie.
    She is just adorable!

  4. make preparations and the doors will open at the right time......its not ours to decide....

  5. Hi Lisa and Debbie. Thanks for your comments.