Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Day 271

This is a photo of one of the fridge magnets on my fridge, courtesy of my lovely 50 mm lens. It's called a 'kiwiana jandal', which will be gobbledegook to you unless you've visited New Zealand. Kiwiana is the collective name that New Zealanders give to New Zealand cultural icons, and jandal is the Kiwi word for flip-flop.

I sold the yurt yesterday. Given that it was badly damaged in the storm that blew it down, and that very few people are puddled enough to want to live in a yurt, I thought I'd never sell it, but it had sold within a day of listing it on Trade Me. I'm elated at having sold it, as you can imagine. It's a big thing to have lurking in your shed, let alone your subconscious! But I'm also sad at having to sell it. It was our home for a while and I loved it. Despite the sadness, the overall feeling is one of optimism. The fact that I've sold the yurt gives me renewed hope that I will be able to find a buyer for the house.

Anyway, I'd better dash. I'm off to yoga class.


  1. I'm glad you sold the yurt Helen, but I gotta ask...
    What's a yurt?????? :-)

  2. Lisa, a yurt, also called a ger, is a Mongolian-style circular tent. The modern/western versions have a cedar framework and canvas walls. Visit this website (the people we bought our yurt from) to see some pics: http://tipis.co.nz/yurts.html