Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Day 278

My neighbours are currently grazing a dozen year-old calves on my land. Here's one of the heifers, having a nosh on one of the ornamental flax plants Iain and I planted about a year ago. They're not looking very ornamental any more!

And here's a Hipstamatic shot of the carnations I bought the other day. They're still looking good.

Today I added another thing to the list of 'Things that are great about living on your own'. You can sing in the shower, as loudly and as out of tune as you like! :-D


  1. Sorry about your plants Helen, but these big guys sure look happy!
    I love your Hipstamatic photo. Isn't Hipstamtic fun? One of those truly addicting apps.
    Sending you wishes for a good Tuesday!

  2. sorry about the ornamental grasses - happy about the shower singing. Melissa