Thursday, 1 December 2011

Day 321

I had to drive into town today to collect my washing machine (it's a long story!) and on the way back I got a sudden urge to take a photo of the train tracks at the level crossing. I have no idea where this 'inspiration' came from.

Unfortunately, I didn't have the Canon with me, but I did have my trusty iPhone, so I spent a few minutes squatting down in the middle of the railway line, clicking away, and looking behind me every few seconds to make sure there wasn't a train coming.

There was a bloke in a highway maintenance van parked up by the side of the road. I'm sure he must have wondered what on earth I was doing!

I've got two shots that are good enough to share, but I'm not sure which one I prefer, so I'm sharing both. I prefer the overall composition in the first shot, but the second shot has more foreground interest.

I cross these tracks every time I drive into town, so I really must go back one day before the end of the project with the Canon.


  1. Joe from Santa Clarita, CA USA2 December 2011 at 5:51 AM

    The top photo is a perfect example of leading your viewer into the photo. However it leads you into a bunch of trees. You should wait for a train to be coming at you so the tracks lead the viewer into the on coming train, going away would work too.

    Like the sepia tone since that was most likely the actual color. Does of nice job of simplifying the photo and still leave in the warmth of the landscape.

  2. Fantastic perspective on both of these!