Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 328

When Iain and I emigrated, we left behind a lot of things in the UK, including our Christmas decorations. I've missed them over the last six Christmases, but Iain was against buying new ones, as he considered it a waste of money. So today, partly to cheer myself up, and partly to cock a snook at Iain, I bought myself a new tree, lights and baubles in a half-price sale.  I think Pookie must be feeling ill, because she hasn't tried to climb the Christmas tree yet. She hasn't even tried to bat a bauble. Maybe she's saving up her attack for tonight, while I'm asleep!

If you voted in November's Top Pic(k)s poll, thanks! This month two photos tied for first place: 'A Star is born' and 'Heart in hand'.


  1. Good for you, Helen! I bet they look lovely in your little house on the prairie! ;-)

    I'm glad these two tied for first place - they are both exquisite in their own way and together give an idea of the breadth of your artistry. (Immaculate finger nails, btw!!)

  2. Thank you, Val.
    P.S. My nails have only just recovered after building the house!

  3. Good for your my friend!!!
    I am SO glad you bought yourself some Christmas decorations!