Monday, 4 April 2011

Day 119

Squabbling magpies

In the original shot the bird on the left was flying out of the picture, which didn't look right, so I turned her round to face the other way.

One of the other birds has a digitally-created twin; can you spot them?

I know you shouldn't waste energy wishing for things you don't have, but when I took this shot I couldn't help wishing I had a better quality telephoto lens. I would have loved to have got a close-up of the three birds at the top of the frame.


  1. Wonderful work. I believe the digitally-created twins are the 2 in the middle at the bottom.

  2. I think I've spotted them. They are the two middle ones on the bottom row (please excuse description of location!). I also would love a longer telephoto but they always seem to be so heavy I probably would rarely use it.