Saturday, 9 April 2011

Day 124

No doubt at some point I'll get bored of the effects in Picnik, but at the moment I'm still enjoying experimenting with them.

This is 'Fatso' -- a wooden carving of a happy monk which Iain's Dad brought back from Burma during World War II.


  1. He makes me laugh with his huge belly and his jolly face!

  2. A little enlightenment for you about "Fatso", sis: this is a very beautiful and probably valuable example of a "Laughing Buddha" statue. These statues depict the celestial being Pu Tai, a Buddhist divinity based on an eccentric Chinese Zen monk from about the 10th century. He has a very prominent role in Buddhist and Shinto culture. He is also widely considered to be an incarnation of the bodhisattva who will become Maitreya, the Future Buddha. He is generally the protector of the weak, the poor and children.
    Such a statue almost certainly has magical power: try rubbing the belly and wishing strongly for health, prosperity or good fortune. Suspending any disbelief in the existence of magic is a useful skill set to employ, if you have it : )