Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Day 121

Today was spinning and weaving at my neighbour Wendy's house, and I took my camera for the first time. I'm still not confident enough to take portraits of people, but I did manage a few portraits of the wildlife!

I was just setting up the shot of this flower when a bee crawled inside. Talk about serendipity!

One of Wendy's piglets. She's a bit of a character. I ended up with pig slobber all over the lens!


  1. These are two truly wonderful photographs Helen!
    Such perfect timing with the flower, and that piglet is such a cute little one!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Lovely piggy!! So you're a weaver? It would be lovely to see some photos of your weaving. I agree with you that the bee was exceptionally well trained !

  3. Perfect flower shot!!!! Love the piglet--so what's a little slobber here and there. Can't pass up a shot like that. Mickie :)

  4. These are terrific! That flower shot is awesome!

  5. Thanks for your comments, folks. Angie, I'm not a weaver, I'm afraid, and even though the groups's called spinning and weaving I've never actually seen anyone do any weaving, and I've been going for about a year. Spinning and knitting are the main activities, with occasional felting and dyeing. I'd like to learn to weave, though. I have a feeling it will be more fun than knitting (although not as portable!)