Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Day 142

When I came back to my desk after a break this morning I caught sight of the reflection in my reading glasses of the light coming in the window through the Venetian blinds. So of course, I had to take another break straight away so that I could take some photos!

The results aren't quite what I had in my mind's eye, but that's often the way, isn't it? I can always come back to this subject again some time and give it another go.

I did all the processing in Aperture. The colour effect is a result of using a cross processing preset on top of what Aperture calls 'colour monochrome'


  1. I think this is great - well observed and beautifully produced. Isn't it a shame the reflection of the blinds didn't extend across the other lens!

  2. I like it. Great reflection.

  3. You know Angie, I think you have something there - maybe that's the reason why the picture's not quite what I had in mind!