Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 355 & Retrospective: still life

This morning I spotted these two insects copulating on the ceiling of my veranda. They stayed like this for at least half an hour, perfectly immobile. They couldn't have been having much fun!

As I've not got any other shots of insects having sex --  ;-)  -- today's retrospective will have to be on another subject. I've chosen still life. I find still life shots very challenging to take; I don't know why. I've been less than happy with most of the still life shots I've taken during this project, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found quite a few of them that were good enough to include here.


  1. The insects remind me of the snails I find in my garden - enjoying sex in the rain, and refusing to let go when I pick them up. And those pegs, they look too clean!

  2. Some of my favourites in here, Helen ... the pineapple is a fascinating shot, and I adore the stone tower on the beach.

  3. Just wonderful Helen, and 2 of my favorites are here!
    The footprint and the stones! :-)