Sunday, 8 January 2012

Day 358 & Retrospective: silhouettes

What a wet weekend it's been! It's poured down all day today. I've even had to put the heat pump on, and it's the middle of summer.

Limited to doing a photo shoot inside, I looked around for an interesting subject to photograph, and was just giving up when I happened to look down and spotted my purple tights. I love wearing them with my new red shoes. I know people say that red and purple clash, but I think they look great together!

For this shot I reused the texture from Sharon at SKC photography that I used on the Gerbera last week, but it's produced a very different effect, because I used a different blend mode and added a vignette.

I've chosen silhouettes for today's retrospective. I'll admit to having a bit of a thing for silhouettes, and these shots are some of my favourites from the whole project.


  1. Great photos, Helen. Love them all, especially the last and the birds on a fence.

  2. Your silhouettes are very evocative. The pink one is a bit reminiscent of Jan Pienkowski's illustrations.

    and keep with the purple and red!


  3. Yes, funny the purple and the pinky red pictures stand out. These are all gorgeous. In awe. Difficult to pick from the first because I love the purple sky or the fence from above (how did you get/make that shot?

  4. Love them all, Helen - especially the horse, for me, as he is the only "shape" in the picture. Even the clouds are pretty flat - it's such an unusual shot.

    I love your purple and red, too! I also appreciate all the technical information you have given, over the project, about how you have produced different effects ... umm ... even if I DID think you'd put a vinaigrette on this one!

  5. OH I so adore your silhouette shots. Beautiful. I like the purple and red together.

  6. Great tights! Amazing colors!