Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 359 & Retrospective: land and sky

I've been incredibly busy today, and I did today's photo shoot in the middle of cooking the evening meal, which is not the smartest idea, and is probably one of the reasons why the finished shot is not very good. The others are poor lighting and not having a macro lens. It's a shot I'll definitely try again if I ever upgrade my kit.

Today's retrospective is land and sky. Here are my favourite landscape and skyscape shots that haven't already featured in a retrospective.


  1. Wow, Helen ... crikey, I seem to be saying "Wow" a lot to your blog posts recently!!

    These are (to use the current vernacular) "immense"! I do hope you are feeling pleased and proud of the work you've done over this last year ... your techniques have obviously improved, but your "eye" and your creativity are innate. You're a natural, girl :-))

  2. The colours in that one shot from last are fantastic.

  3. Those are some gorgeous landscapes! And that lemon looks great. I have been wanting to try a shot like that for ages. Thanks for reminding me.

    Have a lovely week Helen!

  4. wow these are great! love that lemon shot, hope you put it in a large vodka and tonic after you photographed it. Love your red tights shot too, i can see such huge developments in your photography!

  5. Not very good!!! Amazing. Love the moody reeds and moon one.
    You should do a photobook on lulu - I'd buy one.

  6. Helen, I think that the black and white image here is truly one of your very best.
    LOVE it!!!