Thursday, 12 January 2012

Day 362 & Retrospective: abstract

I've got two shots from today.

This one is of an agapanthus flower, whose flowerlets are just about to open. What initially attracted me to these flowers was their gorgeous blue colour, and yet I think this shot works best in black and white.

Some Californian thistles. They're a really troublesome weed, but their flowers are such a lovely colour.

For today's retrospective I've chosen abstract shots. I've not taken many of them during this project, but I do like abstract art, so perhaps I should start experimenting with them more.


  1. I LOVE agapanthus, they were all in bloom when we were in Sydney, I love these shots, great colours with the bokeh and I really like your series of abstract art, I can see them framed in a series in a hallway!

  2. The abstract photographs are beautiful. I love the first one, it's calming and exiting at the same time.

  3. What a wonderful series of photographs Helen!
    I absolutely love the first one here.
    So perfect in black and white.

  4. es muy bello tu blog! Felicitaciones! Tienes unas fotografías hermosas. saludos desde Argentina!!!