Saturday, 19 March 2011

Day 103

Today I went to the Big Smoke for a yoga workshop. I took Iain's iPhone with me ostensibly so that I could call for assistance if I broke down, but actually it was so that I could take some snaps while I was out! I took this Camera+ shot in the morning while I was waiting for the venue to open.

I took this Camtastic shot from the parked car during the lunch break.

This evening, thanks to my lovely new tripod, I got these shots of the so-called 'Supermoon'.


  1. WOW!! ... that's one hell of a moon, isn't it! Great shots, Helen.

  2. Wow - such cool shots! Gorgeous!

  3. Brilliant shots of Supermoon. Having the landscape in the picture really gives it perspective and shows just how big it is.

  4. I'm dying to have a long enough lens to get some moons shots. Great job!