Monday, 14 March 2011

Day 98

Today I've got one Canon shot, one iPhone shot and one old photo processed using an iPad app.

Here's today's sunset. I've lost count of the number of sunset shots I've taken for this project, but I make no apologies; I do like a good sunset!

After yesterday's portrait, here are some more big feet (Pookie has an extra toe on each foot and her feet are enormous!)

Here's a photo of San Gimignano I took during a holiday in Italy ten years ago, which I mucked about with today in Tilt Shift Generator, a cool new iPad app.


  1. Beautiful sunset. Really like the tilt shif one too. Great work.

  2. I love tilt shift photos. It's almost worth buying the iPad for that app alone. And no, don't apologise for the sunset. It's beautiful.

  3. These are great Helen!
    I am loving that big paw!!!

  4. What a fantastic sky beautifully offset by the silhouetted trees. Pookie's feet are brilliant and the detail of the fur is excellent. I have an iPad - will have a look for that app.