Thursday, 31 March 2011

Day 115

This one's called 'Headache'. I never used to suffer from headaches until about a year ago, but monthly migraines which last three days are now a feature of my life. I guess they're all part of the slide towards the menopause. I'd rather have hot flushes, though!

My original idea with this one was to add weird colour and blur effects to mimic the visual disturbances you get with a migraine, but I think it works better as a 'straight' portrait. I did the initial editing in Photoshop, including transforming it into black and white (gotta love that red filter for evening out skin tones!), and then applied sepia and 'gritty' filters in Picnik.


  1. As an occasional sufferer of nasty headaches I think this photo captures the insistent pain of a migraine perfectly. I do hope you're not suffering at the moment.

  2. I don't get headaches that often either. I have only ever had ONE migraine in my life and it was bad. I hope I do not have go through that again. Hope your migraine goes sooner rather than later. Wonderful portrait.