Monday, 21 March 2011

Day 105

I've had a frustrating time photography-wise today. This is the best shot I got all day, and when Iain saw it, he said, 'It looks like someone has hanged themselves.' :-D

I had the idea of using my new tripod and the delayed shutter release to try some frozen action shots. I set the tripod up on the deck, put my wellies on a recognisable mark on the deck and used them as a stand-in for my feet so I could fix the exposure and focus. I then pressed the shutter, threw my wellies out of the way, stood where they had been, and jumped up in the air when the shutter went off. That took a bit of practice. I got lots of shots with my feet on the ground!

I'm not at all happy with this shot. The light is poor, even at 1/400 of a second my feet are still a bit blurred, and there's not much of a sensation of movement, either (hence Iain's remark!) So tomorrow I'll try some whole-body jumping shots. I hope my results get better!


  1. Might have been interesting to try a slower shutter speed so you get motion blur instead of a frozen shot.

  2. Wishing you luck for your next try.

  3. But it's not just about the results, is it? It sounds to me like you learned a hell of a lot in this session ... so it was a very valuable session, non?

    I'm loving watching this process, Helen ... and I'm learning loads without taking a single shot!!

  4. Don't beat yourself up. Great learning involved - and I bet you're already determined to get a better one next time!!! And I can guarantee that your worst 'jumping' action shot is still a whole lot better than my 'supermoon' action shot!! LOL I just love watching to see what's going to pop up here each day ...

  5. Thanks for the encouragement, folks. I don't mind making mistakes; it's how we learn, after all, and I've got so much learning to do! Angie, I like your suggestion of trying a slower shutter speed to get blur. That would definitely give more of a sense of movement. I'll try using a range of shutter speeds today.