Friday, 11 March 2011

Day 95

I don't often use the Filter Gallery in Photoshop, but I decided to experiment with this photo of Scully, and I think it works quite well with the watercolour filter.

I can't hear the word 'watercolour' without thinking of that scene in 'Spaced' where Daisy meets Brian for the first time:

Tim tells Daisy that Brian's an artist, and she asks him what sort of things he does.
Brian replies, 'Anger...pain...fear...aggression.'
'Watercolours?' asks Daisy.

We put up our first couple of window coverings last night: wooden Venetian blinds in the kitchen. I liked the way the light was coming in through them, so I grabbed this Hipstamatic shot. Venetian blinds remind me of growing up in the seventies -- they are the epitome of 'retro cool'. ;-)


  1. Nicely done Helen!
    The shot of the blinds is just wonderful.
    The light is fantastic, and I love the way you composed it.

  2. Thanks, Lisa! :-)

  3. love the filter on here, that second shot is great.