Sunday, 27 March 2011

Day 111

It's been raining all day, so for today's photo shoot I cheated a bit, and simply stuck the camera out of the window! Here's our washing line, looking very wet!

I hadn't been snapping very long before Pookie came to see what I was doing, and jumped up onto the window sill. She's a great photographer's assistant!

As with Friday's shots, I did the initial processing in Photoshop and then added effects in Picnik. Picnik has encouraged me to try out textures for the first time. I added a water drop texture to the first shot, for an even wetter feel. I'm not sure how well it works; I think it's probably a bit over-the-top. I used a sandstone texture on the portrait of Pookie. I think this works better.


  1. Just love the shot of Pookie.

  2. The washing line really works. The colours are so bright and cheerful that you can forget the rain looking at them.