Thursday, 10 March 2011

Day 94

It was a spectacular moonset last night, but I failed to get any decent shots of it, because I don't have a tripod. Even with the shutter wide open and the ISO set to 1600, I was getting shutter speeds of 1/6 of a second, so everything was grainy and very blurry. I think a tripod has just jumped to the top of my photo wish list, ahead of a macro lens.

One good thing about autumn is that you get lots of opportunities to shoot dew, which is something I love. Here are a couple of shots I took this morning.

Can you spot the spider in this first shot?

I think this one looks more interesting as a colour negative.


  1. Helen, You have an amazing blog--your photos are absolutely gorgeous. I too taught first grade and then PreK for years. I've just gotten into taking photos and truly enjoy it. It has made me so much more aware of the beauty around me. I am becoming a "follower" and know I will enjoy checking your blog frequently. Oh, yes, I have been to NZ and find it to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Mickie Brown

  2. Hi Mickie, thanks for dropping by, commenting and following. I'll go check out your blog.

  3. I can see the spider, wonderful! love those dew drops!