Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Day 217

With the weather being so vile today, I've found it really hard to summon up the enthusiasm for taking photos. Luckily, the sun burst through the clouds for a couple of minutes just before sunset, so I took a few snaps with the iPhone. From indoors, naturally! ;-)

As far as processing is concerned, I put this through a filter in Camera+ (I forget which one) and then imported it into Lightroom, where I cropped it to line up the horizon with the one third line, and cranked up the noise reduction to give it a smoother and more 'liquid' feel.


  1. It's a really beautiful photo Helen. Well worth the work on it.

  2. Wow!! I know the weather is not so nice, but it sure made for a gorgeous shot! I love this. It has a wonderful abstract quality to it, and the colors are just beautiful.