Sunday, 17 July 2011

Day 222

Playing with shadows.

This is the original shot:

But does it look better flipped this way round? I can't make up my mind!

Also, at long last, I've learned how to use the AEB (auto exposure bracketing) feature on my camera, so I took this shot at three different exposures, and created my very first 'proper' HDR shot. I was a bit timid with the processing, so it's not got much of an HDR feel to it. No doubt I'll get better with practice!


  1. OH I am not sure about which I like best of the first two. Tough decision. Love the last one. It works very well and is a work of art.

  2. I like the first and last best. I think it's something about the eye reading from the left to right and therefore the shadow preceding the object has more of an edge as it's not the way you expect it to be. And now, having thought that all out and looked at it again, I'm not too sure! Hey ho. Bit too difficult a question for a Sunday Helen :-)

  3. Well, I like the last one best - it's stunning!

    But as for which way round I prefer the other tow, it's like this: I feel more "comfortable" with the stones on the right; I find the composition more "solid" that way round. The stones feel more precarious to me, somehow, on the left ... but that could just be something in my own psyche!!

    And then, of course, it depends if you want the viewer to feel "comfortable" when viewing your art, or "precarious"? But then ... I feel more of an "edge" in the opposite composition to Angie Willis (above)!

  4. Thanks for your comments, folks. I really appreciate them. I *still* can't decide which way round it works best! :-D

  5. the second one has it for me I have watched a documentary this week which showed the niches where the Buddhas of Bamiyan and this image reminded me most powerfully of the loss to the world

  6. I like the "flipped" version of the original, but I LOVE the last one here, even though it's not flipped!!!