Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Day 224

I bought half a dozen roses from the supermarket today and set up a 'studio' indoors with my reflector and tripod. I would have liked to have used my new 50 mm lens, as it produces beautifully sharp images, but it can't focus from close enough in, so I had to use the kit lens, which is nothing like as good, and has some noticeable blurry spots, no matter how well you clean it.

I think I marginally prefer the black and white version of this shot, as it's a bit more unusual.

These next photos are from yesterday evening. Our neighbour's horses enjoying the sunshine: Harry (the big one) and Nemo (the miniature pony)

Harry pokes his tongue out:


  1. Soooo lovin' Harry!
    What a cutie he is!
    The color version of your rose is wonderful Helen, but I am partial to the black and white one also. The white is just so wonderful!

  2. Oh, I love that black and white. It took my breath away. Brilliant photo.
    I'm in love with Harry but think he needs one of those toothbrushes that clean your tongue up :-)

  3. Yes the rose in black and white works beautifully. The last horse shot made me smile.

  4. Helen - as you may have guessed by now, I'm not a fan of monochrome unless I feel it really adds something to the shot ... well my God, in this pic it surely does! Texture, detail, contrast and depth are all hugely enhanced by the black & white; it's a beautiful piece of work!