Sunday, 24 July 2011

Days 227 - 229

We had a lovely weekend away in Wellington, but the weather was abysmal. It was cold and windy and it didn't stop raining the entire time we were there! This meant photo ops were strictly limited to indoors, which was a real shame. Never mind, hopefully we'll have some dry weather next time we go!

Day 227

Friday's images are iPhone shots taken at the national museum, Te Papa, which is just across the road from the hotel we stayed at. The first shot shows part of a  waharoa (a traditional Māori gateway)This waharoa is on permanent display in the main foyer of the museum and was created for the Colonial Museum, Te Papa’s forerunner, in 1906.

The next shot shows a Britten bike, which is a well-known make of motorcycle in New Zealand. Britten bikes were hand-built by Kiwi John Britten, and in 1991, two of his bikes came 2nd and 3rd in the Battle of the Twins in Daytona, USA. New Zealand has a small population and is geographically one of the most isolated nations in the world, and so New Zealanders are always incredibly proud whenever one of their own performs well on the world stage.

Day 228

Another iPhone shot, taken in a shopping arcade.

Day 229

Taken from the hotel window with the Canon and the telephoto lens, a young couple leaving the Sunday morning farmers' market:


  1. Your iphone shots make me want and iphone. That bike is awesome.

  2. I am sorry the weather did not cooperate for you, but I'm sure it was nice to get away.
    These are great Helen. I especially love the third one.

  3. I think all of these are amazing.