Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 221

The rain has stopped at long last, so Iain and I went on a photo walk round the local botanical gardens this afternoon.

Iain had the Canon, and I used the iPhone. Although Iain's not done much photography in the last twenty-five years, he used to be a keen photographer when he was a teenager, back in the days of black and white film. I'm gently trying to get him to catch 'the bug' again, because I think it would be a cool activity to do together. My long-term plan is to buy a higher-spec Canon, but keep the entry-level one. That way we can both use a dSLR all the time, and alternate days that we use the top-end one.

As you can probably tell, I edited these iPhone shots in Lightroom.


  1. wow! lovely shots! i do love lightroom!

  2. All three are wonderful. I am drawn to the daisies, since your treatment makes these happy flowers look dangerous and hence the mystery that pulles me into the photo.

  3. PS if you like moody black and white you should follow Wouter Brandsma at He is doing a 365 from Europe.

  4. These are beautiful Helen.
    I LOVE the sundial!!
    Hope you are having a fantastic weekend!!