Sunday, 31 July 2011

Day 236

Yet another old subject revisited. I took a Hipstamatic shot of this scene months ago. I took this one with the 50 mm lens, and got a lovely, crisp, clean, noise-free shot. So, naturally, I decided to gunk it all up with a grain effect.

Pookie accompanied me on my photo break, as usual. Here she is taking a dust bath on the mound of earth left over when our water tanks were buried. She's the only cat I've ever owned who has enjoyed rolling around in things and getting dirty. Yet more evidence to support my theory that she was a dog in a previous life. ;-)


  1. Wonderful images. Pookie shot made me smile and what you said about gunking up the top photo.

  2. Wonderful photographs Helen.
    Pookie is so adorable.
    Happy Sunday to you!