Thursday, 24 November 2011

Day 314

Today's wild, wet and windy weather hasn't helped me in my effort to break out of my photo slump. But however frustrating things get, I'm not giving up on this project. Sooner or later I'll find a subject that inspires me, I'll get a shot I'm pleased with, and I'll be enthused all over again.

Marg's roses are starting to die already.

The next shot is of my salad servers. I bought them in Cape Town when I went to South Africa on business in 2006. I love the colours of the beads. Mmm, shiny! :-)


  1. Both great photos. I love the subtle colours on the flowers and the beads are gorgeous!

  2. don't give up on your 365! I know exactly how you feel, the last couple of weeks were really hard and I couldn't drum up any enthusiasm but hang on in there. Love your shots here, not a fan of coloured strawberries but great concept! how about a week of black and white then a colour each day? love your new shot for your profile too!

  3. LOVE those salad servers!
    Keep at it Helen, you're almost there!!

  4. Wow. Your photos are amazing. Please - tell me the camera you use and also the photo program to change colors of strawberries - again. Amazing.

  5. Hi Roberta, thanks for dropping by. The camera I use is the Canon EOS 350D. It's an old, entry level SLR which was discontinued about six years ago. I think in the US it was called the Rebel. The programme I used to change the colour of the strawberries is Adobe Photoshop.