Saturday, 12 November 2011

Day 302

One of the advantages of being left on your own is that you find you have a lot more free time than you ever had before. Time is the only thing we ever really 'have' in this life, and suddenly finding that you have a lot more of it feels like a blessing. I'm aware that the majority of women my age are so busy in their roles as wives and mothers that they have very little free time. So I've resolved to become better at time management, and use my free time as constructively and positively as I can, with the exception of a little ITD (Internet Time Dilation) now and again. ;-)

Today the weather's been cold and wet, so I decided to stay indoors and do some life planning brainstorming. Apart from making the decision to sell the house and move back to the UK, I've not made any major decisions about my future since Iain left, and I think that it's time I did. I'm finally starting to think straight again, and doing some planning is certainly better than sitting and twiddling my thumbs while I wait for the house to sell. Today's photo shows my brainstorming session in progress. I normally do all my writing on the computer, but for anything like this I always prefer to do it by hand, so that I can spread out all over the floor. I feel like I get a better overview of things that way.

I know I said I was beginning to think straight again, but I must have had a relapse yesterday, because I got my hair dyed red. I only went into the hairdresser's for a bit of a trim, but I came out looking like a Belisha beacon!

Now that I'm past the 300 day mark with this project I'm looking around for a project within a project: a hook to hang the last two months' worth of photos on, that will help me keep motivated and engaged. If you've got any suggestions for what I could do, I'd love to hear them.


  1. wow red hair! very alternative! do you like it? can't help with the project within a project, I am really struggling with trying to get my mojo back! the last few photos for the 365 project are the hardest ones I think.

  2. I love the composition of your photo and the tones are fantastic. What about planning to make a photo book out of your 364 photos as a motivation?
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. projects and targets are incredibly difficult to suggest for other people...

    I have enjoyed looking at your photographs and often think about the image of that day and what corresponding one I might have posted.

    I don't because my commitment to things tends to be fragile and maybe that could be a starting point...which of the photographs/images/places kept you going and put them together as a catalyst for things you will do after the 365 challenge.

    all the best

    and thank you for these photographs and the words


  4. Bring back the Duck Side.

  5. Yeah! The Duck Side Of The Moo kicks posterior!

  6. You're too kind, Jim and John. I think you two were the only people who ever visited The Duck Side of the Moo (apart from me, of course). :-D