Sunday, 6 November 2011

Day 296

I spent hours working on today’s shot. I’ve done a couple of yoga shots so far in this project, and I felt like it was time to try something a little more ambitious for my next one.

My original idea was to create a shot in which I was doing a handstand on one side of the shot, and tree pose on the other side. By using the tripod I was able to get the shots to match up okay framing wise, but I struck a problem with the lighting. Because I was relying on daylight, the light didn’t stay constant between shots, and when I came to put two shots together I could never get the colours of the wall to match up. I spent ages trying to remedy this in Photoshop, but I wasn’t able to get a satisfactory result.

So I abandoned my original idea, and instead decided to use just the handstand shot, and add an inspirational quote on the subject of having your life turned upside down. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an inspirational quote I liked. And then I stumbled on this quote from Mitch Hedberg, and decided to go for silliness instead of inspiration. J


  1. This is absolutely FANTASTIC Helen!!!
    I love it!

  2. So brilliant. Great, great shot.

  3. Thanks, guys! :-)