Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Day 291

I was so busy yesterday, I completely forgot to make a post to this blog. Today I finally got round to listing the very last items that I want to sell on Trade Me (apart from one of the sheds, which I can't sell until the yurt has been picked up, because I'm storing the yurt in it). My wedding ring was among the items I put up for sale, and I fancied doing something 'arty' with one of the photos I had to take. Although looking at my wedding ring fills me with anguish right now, I think in the future I might appreciate a keepsake of it.


  1. My wedding ring was my favorite piece of Jewelry.

  2. Have you still got it, Dori?

  3. I am convinced you will appreciate it in the future Helen.
    This photograph makes me sad, but it is very, very beautiful.

  4. You know, this really looks an awful lot like The One Ring, doesn't it? ;-)