Thursday, 17 November 2011

Day 307

Today's official shot is the volcano Mount Ruapehu, as viewed from 'the nob', the highest point on my property. I'm a bit happier with this shot than my original shot of the mountain (in black and white, below), because the light is much better and the slopes are snowier, but I'm not satisfied with it. To be honest, I don't think I'll be able to do much better. I need a higher vantage point and a more powerful zoom lens.

I'm also posting two newly-developed shots from my spinning and weaving shoot a couple of weeks ago.

Marg & Mike's wood pile:

I took a shot of Marg & Mike's pump house a few months back. (See the second image below). I love the ramshackle look of this little shed, which is why I decided to revisit it as a subject. The angle in this shot is an improvement, I think. I got a bit closer, much lower and moved around to the right so that the drinking trough isn't obscuring the side of the shed. The light is also better in this shot, as it's diffuse and isn't casting any shadows.

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  1. The first one here is just gorgeous, and I love the selective coloring on the last one!