Monday, 21 November 2011

Day 311

I'm still trying to decide on a mini project that I can do to round off my 365. I feel in need of a challenge and a kick up the bum.

I've had the following ideas so far:

  • For the last 26 days, shoot subjects beginning with each of the letters of the alphabet in turn.
  • Ask friends and followers to submit a word each, and then used each of the words as a jumping off point for an image.
  • Do a series of shots (e.g. an entire week's worth) on a single subject, taking a different photographic approach each time.

If you've got any other suggestions, do let me know.

Today I've been playing around with the artistic filters in Photoshop again. Since the cutout filter worked so well yesterday on a photo in which the light was poor, I wondered whether I could rescue any more previously rejected shots.

I took this shot of a koru (curled fern frond) the other week, but it wasn't quite sharp enough. I found that the lack of sharpness wasn't visible when I applied most of the artistic filters in Photoshop. I like the effect produced by the 'glowing edges' filter on this image.

My neighbour Marg brought me a bunch of roses from her garden this evening. Guess what tomorrow's shot is going to be of? :-)

P.S. The car started!


  1. I think all of these ideas are great ones Helen.
    I especially favor the third one, quite simply because it is truly amazing how many beautifully interesting shots you can get of the same subject just by changing positions, angles, light, etc.
    Whatever you decide, I am looking forward to it!

  2. Oooops, meant to tell you how much I love the colors in this image.
    Just gorgeous!