Monday, 2 May 2011

Day 146

I reckon you can always tell the shots a photographer is happiest with, because they're the ones that have been messed around with the least. And the ones that have been messed around with the most tend to be the borderline shots that almost didn't make the cut.

The best image I got all day was a shot of one of our floor lamps, but most days I wouldn't have given it a second glance, so I decided to try messing around with it in Picnik. A lot. This is one of the plus points of a 365 project: it forces you to experiment more than you might otherwise do, which helps you to develop your creativity. On the flip side, it also encourages you to spend a lot of time working on images that aren't really worth the effort!


  1. I think it was worth it. This makes a lovely abstract picture

  2. Makes for an interesting abstract image.

  3. Whatever you did to the photo, it made it great. Love the colors and the lighting--nice abstract photo. Mickie

  4. This is beautiful!
    Wonderful texture and tones.