Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Day 162

Today was one of the those days when my inspiration ran out completely. I couldn't find anything worth taking a photo of, so I ended up scraping the barrel!

One of our fridge magnets. The square shape of the magnet combined with the stripy light coming through the Venetian blinds looks a bit like a wonky version of the stars and stripes.

I took a Hipstamatic shot of the Venetian blinds in our kitchen a couple of months ago, so I thought I'd try a shot with the 'real' camera today.

Today I received my first advance copies of two series of children's library books which I spent a big chunk of last year writing. Published by Macmillan Australia, they're Toys and Forces, a series for infants on how pushes and pulls make toys work, and Living Green, a series for upper primary and lower secondary on sustainable living.

Tomorrow I'm doing a photo shoot for a friend whose website my husband is designing. She's a breeder of poodles, so there will be lots puppy wrangling. It's going to be fun!


  1. I love the "stars & stripes", Helen - the wording on the magnet is particularly poignant!

    Congratulations on the books, too - they look fab!

  2. I love that quotation! The magnet is a great shot because of the striped shadows. Didn't realize you were an author too. Congratulations on their publication. Have a lovely puppy day :-)

  3. I like both the first and second images. Cool looking books too.

  4. I love these photographs Helen, especially the first one!
    have a wonderful time on your photo shoot tomorrow. I look forward to seeing your photographs from it!