Saturday, 14 May 2011

Days 156, 157 and 158

Blogger was down for the second half of the day yesterday, so I wasn't able to post yesterday's photo (Day 157). One result of the outage was that the day before yesterday's post disappeared (Day 156) so I'm reposting that photo. Today is day 158, I've been out all day, and I'm off out again this evening, so today's offering is just a hastily snapped Hipstamatic shot of some flowers I bought myself today. Guess what tomorrow's shot is going to be of?! :-)

Day 156

Day 157

Day 158


  1. I had to wait until yesterday evening to get my day posted and the previous day post was missing. It is back now but with no comments. Oh well. Wonderful images.

  2. These are wonderful Helen.
    I especially love the second one for its simplicity.