Saturday, 28 May 2011

Day 172

Our neighbours put some more cattle on our land today. Here's one of them saying hello to the welcoming committee from the next paddock.

Dead thistle heads

And here are a couple more shots from my photo walk the other day.

I snapped this leaf just as the wind got underneath it and lifted it up.

Another gull. It's a bit static as the gull's not doing anything, but I like the compositional lines of the post and the boardwalk.


  1. Beautiful pictures.

    There was 2 cows in a field and one said Moo, his mate said Heh I was just going to say that!

  2. I so love those thistle heads. Just my kind of thing. I think your gull works well too - birds are so difficult when they're on the move!

  3. only one thig....I follow you!!!


  4. Thanks for the comments, folks!

    Welcome, Elena. I'm following you too now!