Sunday, 15 May 2011

Day 159

We're having a really long run of wet weather, so I'm glad I bought some flowers yesterday, as it's given me something interesting to shoot indoors.

I experimented with all sorts of different treatments for this image, but the one that worked best was black and white with a green filter. Because the flowers are white, I wanted to shoot them against a black background, but I don't have anything black that I could use, so instead of trying to get the effect during shooting, I increased the shadows in post to remove the detail in the background. It's worked okay, but using a black cloth would have been easier.


  1. This does work well - in fact it's beautiful. I usually play around with the darks, shadows and lights in Lightroom to bring out the effects I'm looking for. You asked what time of day I shoot most of my photographs - it's usually during the middle of the day rather than early/late. I try to wait for good sunlight and take shots from different angles to see what effect the light has. I'm really lucky in that we've had the most amazing weather for a good six weeks now - lots of sunshine! But often quite a wind as well which makes shooting plants/flowers difficult as they won't stay still!

  2. I absolutely love this Helen!
    Beautifully done.