Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day 169

I had to go into town today, so I took the opportunity to go for a short photo walk along the riverside.

New Zealand's only remaining paddle steamer, and a sculpture by David McKracken called 'Bearing'. I think the fissure in the ball might be a map of the local river.

How to saw a woman in half:

 Gull about to take flight:

This one makes me laugh!


  1. Love your photos--you always have something unique and interesting. Mickie :)

  2. Thanks, Mickie! I'm glad you're enjoying visiting here. :-)

  3. I wonder how they keep that ball so shiny. Does someone come up and polish it every now and then and get all the bird poo off it :-)) Lovely photos Helen.

  4. Fantastic photos Helen!
    I think the gull is smiling for you!!

  5. I gave my talk at fitbloggin' 2011 last weekend on "photography for bloggers." I mentioned you, and suggested that all attendees start a 365 daily photo blog. I decided to take my own advice, too. :)

    You are an inspiration.

  6. The woman sawed in half made me laugh. Awesome gull pictures. So crisp and clear.

  7. Thanks for all the positive feedback, folks. It's really made my day! :-)

    Jim, I'm so glad you've decided to start a 365 project. You're going to learn a lot and have loads of fun. I've put a link to your blog in the 'Photoblogs I like' section.