Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day 147

I thought I'd have a go at doing some shower shots this morning. I was aiming for an image where you can see the individual drops of water. I've seen several people who've done this very effectively, including Photogal from Continuous Shutter.

I opened the lens up as far as it would go (f/ 5.6), but the shutter speed wasn't fast enough to 'freeze' the water, even when I cranked the ISO up to its maximum setting of 1600. I was rather disappointed, but I decided to carry on anyway, so I set the ISO back to 100 (1600 wasn't doing the image quality any favours at all) and tried some more shots. Without the separate water drop effect, the images were just plain boring, so yet again I tried tarting them up with processing. I think this one's marginally better than yesterday's effort.

This afternoon I had another go at a panorama, taking Sharon's advice of holding the camera in portrait orientation. I also used a tripod. I took this image at the 'right' time of day (about half an hour before sunset), but the light was poor, so no amount of processing is going to give it the 'oomph' I'm looking for.

I'm off to spinning and weaving again tomorrow. This time I'm going to take the zoom lens and the tripod, and have a go at taking some semi-candid portraits. Should be fun!


  1. You generally need around 1/1000th shutter speed to freeze action properly. You'll need a much faster lens and perhaps an ISO higher than 1600 to achieve that indoors with that light. I guess I could try to take a photo of my shower before I get in with my 50 f/1.2 lol.

  2. The shower head works well after the work you did on it - not an easy thing to capture as light is often low in bathrooms. I think your landscape is stunning because the sky has so much interest in it and the detail is really clear.

    Enjoy the spinning & weaving - would love to see some shots of that - I had a go at weaving a while ago but couldn't stick at it because I couldn't get the hang of setting the wefts!!

  3. I haven't tried the shower water drop shot. But I know what you are talking about. Now I wonder just how they are done. Excellent pano. I think it is perfect as is the sky is wonderful and the road adds alot to the image.

  4. Loving the shower shot Helen!
    Just looking at it makes me feel energized.
    Great image.