Thursday, 19 May 2011

Day 163

I had great fun doing today's photo shoot at my neighbour Wendy's house. I spent two hours there, and took around 400 photos. I got 16 shots that are good enough to put up on Wendy's website, which isn't too bad.

Here's my favourite poodle photo, with Wendy and all her show dogs (from left to right: Dylan, Kyzyl, Sechura, Danyon and Star). It took a while to get the shot, as the dogs wouldn't sit still! I was disappointed to find out that Wendy hasn't got any puppies at the moment. Maybe I can go round another time for a puppy shoot!

Here's my official 365 shot for today, an abandoned dog toy.


  1. The first shot is fabulous. Love your 365 shot. At least you are sticking to the shot a day. I have failed on that front. So have turned it into a blog post a day. LOL Always changing the rules I am.

  2. Thanks, Sharon. A 365 project is something you take on for your own benefit, not anyone else's, so I reckon you're entitled to change the rules whenever you want! Anything that keeps you doing it can't be wrong!

  3. Oh, no puppies! What a shame. But they don't stay still for long unless they're asleep so photographing them would be a whole different experience! That's a lovely shot of all the dogs in their best hairdos!

  4. What a wonderful photograph Helen!!
    Those poodles are beautiful.

  5. Look at them standing there so proudly!I just love that photo!And the dog toy-that photo holds a story,it makes me want to know how it got there and who left it!